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Anane N. Olatunji, PhD
(ah-NAH-neh  oh-lah-TOON-jee)
President & Founder
          With more than twenty-five years of successful experience, Dr. Olatunji is founder and president of Align Education, LLC. Under his leadership, the firm has conducted evaluations of such federal grant programs as 21st Century Community Learning Centers and the Charter Schools Program, funded at more than $50 million dollars. Moreover, "Align Ed" has trained educators in the U.S. and in Latin America with its innovative framework, "FACES," for improving teaching and learning, earning a 90%+ approval rating!

      Previously, Dr. Olatunji made outstanding contributions to the field, advancing educational equity as both educator and researcher. For example,   in 2009, as senior researcher in Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia, he was principal investigator of the grading policy investigation, then one of the most contentious issues in metropolitan Washington, DC. As a result, he received the superintendent's Outstanding Performance Award.

     As director of public and private school initiatives at Dillard University in New Orleans, his hometown, Dr. Olatunji led several projects to improve teaching and student achievement. After his first year on the faculty, the assistant provost awarded him the distinguished Verret Teaching Prize, describing his performance as "exceptional."

           Prior to earning his doctorate, he served as education program manager in the Louisiana Department of Education. As member of the state's Region I Service Center, he provided professional training to principals and teachers in five parishes across metropolitan New Orleans.

       Dr. Olatunji not only has taught students from kindergarten to college (including Vice President Joe Biden's daughter), but also has published research in the Harvard Educational Review. Dr. Olatunji holds degrees in sociology and education from Tulane, Columbia, and Harvard University.