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Andrea L. Olatunji
Vice President of Education
      Mrs. Olatunji has been an educator for more than ten years, and has taught at all levels, K-12 through college. A native of Uruguay, she came to the United States through the Institute of International Education-Fulbright Commission to teach Spanish at the university level. 

      In addition to her key role in the company, Mrs. Olatunji chairs the foreign language department of an independent school in Alexandria, Virginia. As a teacher, she has distinguished herself as a result of her ability to integrate technology into instruction. Mrs. Olatunji has presented on this topic as part of the school’s professional development activities and at the Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) annual conference in Washington, DC.

      As further testimony to her talents, Mrs. Olatunji has been collaborating on a project with the Mobile Learning Institute at the Smithsonian Institute. The project includes using diverse digital tools and a mission-based approach to promote technological literacy and cooperative learning in education.

      Complementing her technical creativity is a rare set of interpersonal skills. Out of the necessity of navigating both English- and Spanish-speaking worlds, Mrs. Olatunji has developed valuable expertise firsthand with diversity and multicultural environments. Examples of her teaching experience in diverse settings include: a Spanish-French immersion charter school in New Orleans, Louisiana; a Spanish-French-Arabic immersion private school in Washington, DC; and a dual language public school in Alexandria, Virginia. 

      Mrs. Olatunji holds a master´s degree in teaching with a Spanish concentration and a bachelor´s degree in multidisciplinary studies from Liberty University. Additionally, she is certified as an online tutor from the OAS (Organization of American States). 

     Mrs. Olatunji also participates actively in several educational communities. She is a member of the American Council for the Teachers of Foreign Languages, the Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), and Classroom 2.0.