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"FACES" A Framework for Effective Teaching and Learning 
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        Two out of every three high school students in the U.S. say they are bored in class every day. If education is so important for success in life, isn't it ironic that so many youth find school to be such an unfulfilling experience? 

    Developed by Align Education, the "FACES" framework offers educators practical strategies for transforming traditional lesson plans into learning experiences that address the emotional as well as intellectual needs of students. 

    The ideas underlying the framework are quite simple. Yet, because our educational system runs arguably on a model of efficiency rather than effectiveness, a majority of students continue to under-achieve year after year, despite well-intended policies and reforms. 

    Hence, FACES consists of five strategies any teacher can use to boost engagement and achievement! For more information on how you can implement the model in your classroom or program, contact us at: info@AlignEd21.com.
Learning and enjoyment need not be mutually exclusive. In fact, skillful teachers use the latter to promote the former. Games, music, and group projects are examples of the tools that these teachers use in their instruction.
Validate the learner by incorporating their interests and backgrounds into lesson plans.
Although this one may seem like a "no-brainer," not all students receive ample opportunities to develop critical thinking skills. Problem-solving tasks should be neither too easy nor too difficult.
Empower students through "choice and voice." Enable them to be active rather than passive in class.
Provide opportunities for students to develop and experience competence and achievement.
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