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FACES: A Framework for Effective Teaching and Learning

        Ignite passion, energy, and enthusiasm in classrooms with this student-centered approach to instruction! This training program shows how educators can develop lesson plans that inspire FunAffirmationChallengeExpression, and Success for adolescents across content areas. As a result, students experience greater intrinsic motivation, which reduces discipline issues and raises achievement. Formats: Seminar,  Workshop, Retreat.
Life After School Starts Now

        Far too many youth go through school with little or no sense of purpose. Consequently, many not only underachieve in school but also leave woefully unprepared for the realities of life in college or work. This program addresses the issue by assisting educators in creating and applying strategic plans for each student. With more realistic perspectives of life after high school, teens are better abled to prepare themselves for the future now. Formats: Seminar, Workshop, Retreat.
Sharing The Reins In Education

    Bridge perspective gaps between schools and families! This programs capitalizes on the strengths of school communities by bringing together parents and educators for student success. Align Education facilitates communication between parties around school policies and procedures - and expectations. The process triggers tremendous buy-in as well as improved cooperation between home and school. Formats: Seminar, Workshop, Retreat.