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Speaker's Corner Institute
Montevideo, Uruguay
April 22, 2017
Align Education takes "FACES: A Framework for Improving Teaching and Learning" abroad as professional development for English language teachers in Latin America.
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Beyond School Hours National Conference XX
February 23, 2017
Back by popular demand! Dr. Olatunji presents: "FACES: A Framework for Improving Teaching and Learning." Sponsored by Foundation Inc. in Atlanta, GA. See evaluation results!
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American Evaluation Association                October 29, 2016
 At this international conference in Atlanta,              Dr. Olatunji presents strategies for "Improving 21st Century Community Learning Centers  Program Evaluations at the Subgrantee Level." 

Center for Nonprofit Advancement
October 6, 2016
Dr. Olatunji conducts workshop, "The ABCs of Program Evaluation," for program administrators of organizations in metropolitan Washington, DC. Re-invited after his successful presentation in June. 
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Office of the State Superintendent of Education
Summer 2016
Align Education evaluates the Charter Schools Program federal grant in the District of Columbia.

Advance Innovative Education
June 2016 (Click to see evaluations!)
Dr. Olatunji makes special presentation, "The Role of School Leadership in Student Engagement," to principal candidates in Baton Rouge, LA.
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Maryland Department of Education
Align Education conducts a statewide evaluation of the 21st CCLC federal grant program.

Orleans Parish School Board
Align Education evaluates the 21st Century Community Learning Center federal grant program in New Orleans, LA.

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