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To apply, simply submit a story or an account of a successful lesson that you implemented in your classroom this year.  Please limit your application to three pages    (single-spaced, 12 pt), using the following guidelines.

Page One:
  • Name, School                                                            
  • Principal, Parish
  • Grade level(s) of lesson, Subject area
  • Number of years teaching
  • Nominated by (self-nominations are accepted)
  • Your educational philosophy/approach to instruction (2-3) paragraphs

Pages Two - Three:​
​Consistent with our theme of creativity, describe the lesson design and implementation, focusing on how you inspired enthusiasm as well as achievement among students.

Then, please send your application as a pdf file to: info@AlignEd21.com by May 31st.

If selected as an awardee, you will receive an award plaque engraved with your name, your story will be published in Dr. Olatunji's upcoming book, A Parent's Guide To Education, and your school receives a complimentary creativity seminar conducted by Align Education! Awards may be presented at your school or at the Greater New Orleans Chamber of Commerce. We expect to announce winners by June 21, 2018!